Kayak/Canoe Storage Rules
September 23, 2022


Staghorn residents who have paid their annual dues and have an Access Card may use may store kayaks and canoes in the area designated for that purpose generally adjacent to the Recreation Facilities bathroom building. All residents understand and acknowledge that Staghorn Plantation is a family-oriented community and storage of kayaks and canoes shall b e done in accordance with Kayak/Canoe Storage Rules. These Rules may be amended, modified or revised by the Association HOA, at its sole discretion, from time to time and at any time.




A recreational canoe is usually an open deck boat with a length of no more than 16 feet where the operator(s) are in a seated or kneeling position using single blade paddles. A recreational kayak is usually a closed deck boat of no more than 10 feet where the operator is seated in a position with legs stretched out using a double-bladed paddle. A storage rack is a double sided wooden 6 place Y shaped commercially built rack used for storage of kayaks and canoes. A storage rack berth is one of six storage places on a storage rack.


Proper Use of Storage Racks and Rack Area


Access to kayaks/canoes storage racks is from 5:00AM to 10:00PM with the exception of Staghorn Plantation Estates Homeowners Association, SPEHOA, sanctioned events and activities. Residents and guests shall take good care of kayak/canoe storage area by placing only a single kayak/canoe in each of the storage berths and locking the kayak/canoe before and after each use. Life vests, paddles and other boating accessories shall not be left in the storage area. No other type of watercraft such as row boats and paddleboats shall be placed in rack area.


Any person damaging a storage rack shall be fully responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the same, as may be deemed necessary by the Association. Repeated damage to storage racks by any person may result in the privilege of using Recreation Facility being suspended or revoked, at the sole discretion of the Association. When necessary, law enforcement will be contacted for appropriate action.


Policies Governing Use of Storage Racks


Use of the storage racks requires a payment of seventy-five dollars (75) annually and the signing of the Kayak/Canoe Storage Release and Waver for Liability and Indemnity Agreement also called the Waver Agreement. Rental of a single berth position on a storage rake shall begin each year on October 1st and end on September 30th. Rental fees are not based on partial year usage and refunds will not be granted for partial year usage. Residents renting a storage berth must describe the kayak/canoe in the Wavery Agreement and must place their name on the kayak/canoe so that is easily visible and cannot be removed by cleaning or washing.


Residents with a prior year rental agreement and retaining a storage rack berth must renew the Waver Agreement by the October 1st deadline in order to retain their rack storage berth. Residents will be granted a 30-day time period after the October 1st deadline to make payment or remove their kayak/canoe before the SPEHOA at its sole discretion takes any action necessary to dispose of the kayak/canoe. This could include placing the kayak/canoe at another part of the Recreational Facilities or even auctioning off the kayak/canoe after a period of 90-days.


Procedures for Obtaining a Storage Rack Berth


Residents may rent a storage rack berth by mailing a check to Staghorn Planation Estates Homeowners Association and including a signed copy of the Waver Agreement as well as providing proof that the kayak/canoe resident has their name in at least 1 inch bold letters permanently affixed to the kayak/canoe. This can be done by emailing the Association Treasurer a picture of the kayak/canoe that includes the name, address and telephone number of the resident with the date the check was sent. The resident shall be notified by the Association Treasurer once approval is granted. At this time the resident has full use of a storage rake berth and may bring the kayak/canoe to the Recreational Facility during access hours.


Liability of the Staghorn Plantation Estates HOA


The SPEHOA does not guarantee the security of the kayak or canoe being stored. Resident kayak/canoes are not locked, secured or guarded by the SPEHOA. Residents must take full responsibility for and risk of property damage due to the lack of negligence of the SPEHOA or otherwise while the kayak/canoe is stored at the Recreational Facility. The resident renting the storage rack berth assumes total responsibility for safely storing, securing with a lock, and launching the kayak/canoe at all times and under all circumstances.


Governing Authority


The SPEHOA shall operate in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations that govern the operation and management of homeowner associations and other common interest communities.

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