Recreational Facility Rules
September 29, 2022

Staghorn residents who have paid their annual dues and have an Access Card may use the Homeowners Association maintained community facilities and lakefront area. All residents understand and acknowledge that Staghorn Plantation Estates is a family-oriented community and use of the Facilities is governed by Recreation Facility Rules. These Rules may be amended, modified or revised by the Association, at its sole discretion, from time to time and at any time.


The Recreation Facility includes Amenities and Lakefront. Amenities include the Recreation Center, outdoor wooden benches, basketball courts, playground and fire pit. The Lakefront refers to the beach pavilions, cement benches and tables, bathrooms, outdoor shower, beach, kayak/canoe racks, roped swimming area and docks. Lake Refers to the portion of Staghorn Lake not privately owned. Guests are non-residents who only have access to the Recreation Facilities with the accompaniment of a resident.

Proper Use of Recreational Facilities

Access to the Recreation Facilities is from 5:00AM to 10:00PM with the exception of HOA Board sanctioned events and activities. Residents and guests shall take good care of Amenities and Lakefront and shall not damage, harm or destroy them. Any person damaging the Recreational Facilities shall be fully responsible for the repair and/or replacement of the same, as may be deemed necessary by the Association. Repeated damage to any of the Amenities or Lakefront by any person may result in the privilege of using Recreation Facility being suspended or revoked, at the sole discretion of the Association. When necessary, law enforcement will be contacted for appropriate action.

Enforcement of Recreation Facility Rules

All residents shall follow the Recreation Facility Rules defined as “Rules” and may approach other residents or their guests with their concerns if they feel comfortable doing so. In addition, high image resolution Security Cameras are posted throughout the area in order to monitor appropriate use and behavior. The Security Committee of the Association shall randomly check use of the Recreation Facility and have the authority to request members show them their Access Card as well as provide their name and address. They may ask those in violation of Recreation Facility Rules to correct their behavior or leave the Facilities. Violation of Rules shall allow the Association, at its sole discretion, to terminate the right of the offending resident and their guests to use the Facilities.


Use of the Recreational Facilities by Residents and Guests

Children under the age of 13 must have an adult homeowner present during their use of the Facilities at all times. Residents who are 13 to 19 years of age may invite no more than 6 guests without a homeowner being present. Any group exceeding 30 guests must rent the recreation building to accommodate parking, restroom and space needs.


Availability of Rules

Recreation Facility Rules are available on the Staghorn website and a laminated copy is available in the Staghorn Recreation Center. Signage is also present around the Facilities to ensure that Rules are understood and being followed.


Rules for Renters of the Recreation Center

An adult Member of the SPEHOA must be present at all times when renting the Recreation Center.  The Renter’s last name will be posted on the Staghorn website. Renters of the Recreation Center must read and sign a statement confirming that they have read and will abide by Recreational Facility Rules. Violation of said Rules may result in a voiding of their use permit.

Rules for Use of the Recreational Facilities


Recreation Facilities shall operate in compliance with applicable Federal, State and local laws and regulations that govern the operation and management of homeowner associations and other common interest communities.

  1. Swimming in appropriate attire is allowed in the Lake, at the sole risk of the swimmer. The Association has provided a roped area designated specifically for swimming. No swimming after dusk.

  1. Pets are allowed at the Recreation Facilities and must be leashed at all times. Pet waste shall be picked up and disposed in trash containers.

  1. Fishing is permitted in the Lake, but not in areas roped off for use of swimmers.

  1. No glass or other fragile, breakable material shall be used in the Lakefront areas.

  1. No device that produces sound used in such a manner as to be plainly audible at a distance of 100 yards or that disturbs others is allowed as applicable under Jackson County Ordinance Chapter 23-63.

  1. No gasoline or diesel-powered watercraft of any kind are allowed on the Lake.

  1. All waste (including but not limited to trash, cigarette butts, and pet waste) must be disposed of in the provided trash cans before leaving the Recreational Facilities. Do not throw trash in the Lake.

  1. No fires shall be started in the Recreation Area with the exception of the Fire Pit. No fire should be left unattended and all fires must be extinguished after use.

  1. No lewd, suggestive, or publicly inappropriate behavior by any resident or guest, whether of a sexual nature or otherwise, shall be allowed at Recreational Facilities.

  1. No electric or motorized vehicles are allowed on walking paths, grass and beach, with the exception of devices used by persons with mobility disabilities.
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